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SFS Hinges at Clear Edge

Clear Edge work exclusively with SFS for their door and window hinges. Why? Because SFS are industry leaders and pioneers within their industry – in short, the best.

Quality management, environmental focus and safety management are at the heart of SFS, with an innovative and modest attitude too. At Clear Edge we will only work with like minded suppliers who share our beliefs and meet our standards of quality and care. SFS and Clear Edge are a obvious fit.

Having recently introduced the 2D hinge, SFS are yet again revolutionising the industry. With its superior aesthetics and performance, their ‘fit and forget’ hinges alleviate work on sagging doors. SFS makes door lifting both safer and simpler.

About the 2D Hinge:

After taking over operations from the British Screw Company limited in 1984, SFS are now a power house in the industry. Despite over 120 years of manufacturing experience in the Leeds factory, SFS now had the task at hand of implementing the most advanced research and development facilities available on the market.

Fast-forward to 2018 and their new partnership, producing carbon and stainless-steel fastening systems for uPVC door and window manufacturers Clear Edge. SFS’s many years of experience in the industry made them the obvious choice for Clear Edge to partner with.

“We cannot thank SFS enough for their support, which has been second to none and has certainly cemented a long-term relationship which expands as Clear Edge grows.”

Chris Palmer; Clear Edge Manager

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