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Our Windows Range

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and Turn Windows

Our Tilt and Turn range

Contemporary and practical, Clear Edge uPVC tilt and turn windows are a versatile option for modern living.

The Tilt & Turns clever design is dual-purpose – helping meet the demands of modern living and safety. Tilt and Turn windows can be opened fully into a room for maximum ventilation and safe access window cleaning. Tilt and Turn windows also have the option to tilt slightly inwards, allowing for a breath of fresh air without compromising on security. Clear Edge uPVC tilt and turn windows are built to add lasting quality and value whilst exceeding the standard for security.

Make it Yours

Colour Range

Modern and contemporary uPVC colours to choose from to transform the look of your project.

Window Furniture

Quality window furniture and decoration options for the finer details & to create a signature style.

Glazing Options

Glazing options to suit the space, the function and the look of your project.

We will always work quickly and efficiently to supply your quote to help keep the momentum with your plans – generally within 24hrs.

The Features

  • 70mm frame depth from front to back
  • Significant noise reduction with double-glazed sealed units
  • Safe and secure beyond current security standards
  • Smooth weld joints for the most modern look
  • Low maintenance & guaranteed to retain appearance
  • A rated energy efficiency for excellent thermal efficiency


Clear Edge uPVC doors and windows are virtually maintenance free and built to last. Our quality is proven and extensively tested to ensure you have one less thing to worry about.


We manufacture every Clear Edge uPVC door and window ourselves, working with industry leading suppliers to create a complete door and window solution for your business.