Proudly a Rehau Partner

Clear Edge is proving why they’re a force to be reckoned with in the world of PVC-U. With the help of REHAU, Clear Edge want to change the way we view doors and windows.

Construction industry leaders REHAU are now collaborating with Clear Edge to bring both companies passions together to form an unrivalled product, with a combined value for not only high-quality products but also a respect for the environment, with an ecological manufacturing process. A carbon neutral factory powered by a combination of solar power and an incinerator meant that Clear Edge was a perfect partner for REHAU who’s factories run on 100% renewable energy.


Despite being fresh to the industry and with the help of REHAU, clear Edge have already found a noticeable difference in the quality of the products being produces, with a much higher customer satisfaction rate than before. With a factory manager coming from a Formula 1 background, attention to detail is a high priority, all adding to the excellence of the product being produced.


Clear Edge have already seen a high demand in their product, which meant that they also needed a partner who could help them meet the demands. Clear Edge and REHAU look forward to further developing their partnership on a journey which is far from finished and ever-growing.