Garden Room uPVC Specialists

After establishing a year ago, Clear Edge has joined forces with Green Retreats to solve their uPVC door and window woes.


With uPVCs notorious reputation, Clear Edge have stepped up to take on the challenge of revamping its image, quality and reliability.


Forming a relationship with Green Retreats meant that Clear Edge were able to build bespoke products specifically for garden rooms. Clear Edge went to work on studying all of Green Retreats uPVC concerns, and provided a product second to none.

Only wanting to work with the best, Clear Edge carefully selected a group of suppliers they could trust as a product and company. These suppliers are; Hoppe, Rehau, Carl F Group co, SFS and Quest. In terms of the glass used for Clear Edge products, they were able to develop a strong working relationship with CN Glass and they now have the resources to order glass in various different sizes and models. The quality of the glass used also provides for optimum thermal efficiency. With a minimum standard of SBD and PAS24, security is high on the list for Clear Edge garden room doors and windows.


The Challenge:

Our client, Green Retreats, challenged us to create two bespoke colours and to improve the overall quality of their door and window offering. The result is an 80% drop in door and window snags, increasing efficiency by saving time and money, and also an improved customer experience score.


The Results:

Clear Edge undertook vigorous testing on every aspect of their products, including their two exclusive colours. They tested their durability in terms of the expansion and contraction rates over a period of 12 months.

In a year where we saw the hottest summer on record since 1976, Clear Edge were challenged to reduce snag rates. Despite the heat, snag rates dropped by 80%, and the product delivered what it promised.

Since the development of Clear Edge’s wonder product, Green Retreats have seen a vast improvement in customer satisfaction and reduction in snags.

Wanting to further revolutionise the development and installation process, Clear Edge and their suppliers engineered mechanically jointed doors, allowing for easier site access. The ingenious product is not only practical but maintains all its integrity once installed.



With the production of 80 to 90 sets per week, quality control on all machinery is high on the Clear edge agenda. Yet another nod to their rigour for producing top quality products, manufacturing and distribution.

Clear Edge wants the take all their knowledge on garden rooms and implement it into providing superior quality products for companies such as Green Retreats.