With Respect to the Environment

We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously.


Clear Edge takes careful consideration at every stage of development to ensure we are kind to the environment and can pass these benefits on to our customers and communities.


You can be sure that by choosing to work with Clear Edge that you are making a responsible decision. Every process is carefully considered to show the greatest respect to the environment – from our high tech manufacturing machinery the energy we use to boil our kettles for a morning brew.


We are passionate to always be reviewing our practises to be at the forefront of change in the industry, so that we can pass these benefits to our customers too.


We have a passion to be leaders for change within our industry.

Now is a crucial time where we are all more aware than ever of the lasting damage that irresponsible handling of plastic has. As a new, modern and forward thinking company, we want to pave the way for best practice in our industry – having started as we mean to go on.



So, how do we do it? 


Our factory is powered by one of the UK’s largest solar panel grids in the UK. The solar panel grid shares the same site as us at Westcott Venture Park – making the venture park the ideal place for us to build our factory. The solar panels power a substantial amount of what we do. 



Clear Edge is 100% carbon neutral.

Being predominantly powered by solar energy makes our factory pretty ‘clean’ when it comes to carbon emissions. We carefully monitor our output as a company and continually review to ensure that we are working as efficiently as possible with our energy and to calculate our carbon emissions. Any residual carbon that the company creates is offset against green energy projects around the globe. We have partnered with ClimateCare to help us do this. Our offset financially supports projects such as wind farms in India and clean water initiatives in Kenya.



Clear Edge is Landfill Free.

Any ‘waste’ created in our factory is recycled – leaving absolutely nothing to go to landfill. Any general waste created in the factory (our lunch wrappers, say) is also filtered for recycling, and where it cannot be recycled it is sent for incinerating to become clean energy for a local village power grid.


Replace & Recycle Scheme:

Clear Edge operate with a Replace & Recycle Scheme, meaning whenever we are replacing ‘end of life’ uPVC we will transport the old material to our factory to be recycled, completely avoiding landfill.


At Clear Edge we only with with suppliers who have a combined value for not only high-quality products but also a respect for the environment, with an ecological manufacturing process. 



Quality uPVC doors and windows reduce the demands of damaging fuels by keeping homes warmer much more efficiently, reducing their carbon footprint. Energy efficiently is not only a personal choice for businesses and customers but are also an integral part of Building Regulations.